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The history of rhodesian ridgebacks leaves in the remote past of Southern Africa though breed of "edge dogs» is officially recognised rather recently.
Last years of the XX century this breed has received popularity in 130 countries of the world thanks to valuable behavioural qualities, including that admired the African hunters: congenital keenness and vigilance, playfulness and elegance. This proud dog – «lion's heart and flying paws» - is capable to become the devoted friend of the family and the favourite of children.

from the Stig G. Karlson book



In 2011 I finished cinological courses and in December, 2011 we gave rise our first litter. From this litter we left to ourselves the girl CHIDIMMA Adanna Ajumpaa (Rosi) who successfully proved to be not only in rings of various ranks dog-shows, including won twice puppyBIS and took the second place in a top of puppies of all breeds of LKF TOP DOG 2012. Besides, Rosi successfully proved in dog races, having become for a short season the candidate in Champions of the country on a coursing.


In the summer of 2013 we gave rise the second litter from Palika, and On 6 of December AJUMPAA kennel name was registrated in FCI ! (reg. number 21/13).

This is our official birthday!


We thought a lot about the name of the kennel. The idea was that the names of our foundational dogs must be in it. So the result: JUM - Aresvuma JUMba Jafari, PAA - AresvumaPAA-Palika. And the letter "A" means not only Afrika - motherland of the breed but also ARESVUMA - the kennel where our dogs Jumba and Palika were born.

We have only two litters, but our children already have some nice results:

- Benelux junior winner 2014, Latvian Junior Winner 2013
- "Heike Will Memorium Trophy" - First RRCL Club Show BOB with a special memory cup
- Junior Champion of Luxemburg
- Junior Champion of Latvia õ 4 || Champion of Latvia õ 2
- Junior Champion of Estonia || Champion of Estonia
- Junior Champion of Lithuania õ 2 || Champion of Lithuania
- Junior Champion of Baltic states || Baltic states Champion
- Junior Champion of Russia || Champion of Russia õ 2
- Champion of Belarus
- Champion of Slovenia


BIG-1õ3, BIG-2õ2, BIG-3õ2, juniorBISs-1õ2, puppyBISs-1õ2, puppyBIS-1x2!!!
Reserve Top show puppy among LKF TOP DOG 2012


- Coursing club of Latvia winner 2013
- 3rd place in coursing competitions in Holland (from RR breed dogs)
- CQLx4, CACLõ2, two dogs are Latvian coursing Champion candidats

About us

Perhaps, yes even most likely, all history of occurrence in our family of red happiness has begun with that moment when I very much wanted that my daughter grew together with some a live being of which we will care together. Perhaps it is ridiculous, but our first family council has ended with words of my three-year daughter Lina: «Mummy, do not cry! When I will grow big, I'll necessarily buy a little turtle for You!!!».

From this time has passed very few time and once, having opened a door, we with Lina have not nearly died of happiness, having seen our daddy with a cage in which sat grey hamster! It was not necessary to think out a long time about the humster name - Yashka! of course Yashka! So called humster from my childhood which lived in mine grandmother and grandfather house.


And still, after even year, I managed to persuade my husband, and in we took in our home a Russian blue cat which name was Tsezar the Blue Fog, for us simply Tsezka!Tsezka became the general favourite in our family, he was in one moment very tender, and in too were present cat's instincts, with it it was possible even to play hide-and-seek. But we have missed very much an important point, without having noticed first signs of serious disease, have missed time and have addressed, without having the necessary experience, not to that expert........Tsezka has died, when he was only three years, has died of urolithic illness and literally for a week...... At that time Lina was in time stayed with the aunt, and we have said about death of Tsezika by phone. And there was an emptiness at home, there was no small greyish tail which everywhere accompanied me......

Has passed two weeks, Linochka has come back home, and, facing to a door, she has told: «it seems to me that now the door will open, and there I'll met my Tsezichka!» It was almost right: the door has opened, and she was met by a small black lump of Aljushka! And our child have begun to flow tears, she took this kitten and has strong-strong pressed it to herself!

Yes, probably, with Tsezka's death something has turned over.... After two months to our family from Moscow there comes a kitten of the Canadian sphinx. Now they are two - Aljushka and Asjushka! Here begins the history of Rhodesian Ridgeback occurrence in our family!
Together with a kitten the breder has presented to us magazine “The Cat and a dog” on which obverse cover I have seen for the first time Rhodesian Ridgeback! From a photo dog looked at me clever and hardly sad eyes, with an unusual strip on a back named ridge. Though after two years we had dachunds pppy, thought that I want to take ridgeback was not left! I bought all magazines where was though something about ridgebacks; has been read S.Karlsona's book, exhibitions were visited. The dream has started to come true from the moment of acquaintance to Svetlana, the owner of kennel "ARESVUMA" who at that time already had four ridgebacks. Right at the beginning it was correspondence and telephone conversations, and then and meetings with Sveta in Riga. And here my dream has come true!!! In July, 2007 from the ARESVUMA kennel has arrived Aresvuma Jumba Jafari. And the more time passes from the date of its occurrence in our house, the all of us more and are more convinced, how much Rhodesian Ridgeback is our breed!

Ridgeback – is active, cheerful, tender and very inquisitive dog. About them told that they are «hunters on lions», but at home our Jumba perfectly well gets on with two cats. And with our dachshund they live in peace and friendship, in spite of the fact that both are males. However ridgeback really always has an opinion on many things and before satisfying the request of the owner, not always, but sometimes in his eyes it is possible to read «is it so neccessary for me to do it... or not... I will think....»


Thanks to Jumba, there is a new hobby in our family - all of us have taken a great interest in dog-shows. It has appeared that it very much even is interesting and informative.

And certainly I had a new dream! As owners and factory Rhodesian Ridgebacks owners tell - "one ridgeback it is good, but two it is better»! Here now we are happy owners of two ridgebacks - in July, 2009 has arrived aur Aresvuma Paa-Palika!

Thanks for mine red suns and all support in all to our breeder Malinnikova Svetlana! Thanks to my husband Igor for understanding and support! Many thanks to my daughter Lina for care of our pets and daily walks, in any weather, with me and ours friends!