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B. d.:



Natalia Ivanova

(Latvia, Salaspils)




Vinsent, Vinsik, Vinsyusha, Vinsyula, Vintik...

Vinsik was born on August, 7th, 2005 in Riga.

Vinsjushka's occurence in our family is, probably, accident, and, probably, also is not present... In the end of October, before an autumn school vacation, arrived to us on a visit with two charming dachshund kids. Two small teckels - red and black and tan, cheerfully froliced, swinging the ears, in our two-room apartment. And then one of them cosy was arranged to have a sleep on knees at my husband...Well, of course, unless I dreaming of a dog all life, could I look at this picture easy? And I began to persuade the husband that the kid has lived at us at least a week, while I have holiday at work, and Linochka have school vacation. Sister of my husband also has very well reacted on what, having told that she is not gainst at all to leave him at us to stay for a while. For a long time have ended both a vacations, and holidays, and Vinsjushka remained to live in our family.After two years when in our house has appeared small and red rhodesian ridgeback puppy, Vinsjusha took his education in the pads.Thanks to it, it was not so boring for small Jumba to remain at home. While we were on work and at school, nearby always there was a companion on games. Yes, there is everyone, especially, when someone remains at home, and someone we take with ourselves... This is or small finding-out of relations - where you were? What did? And why without me? But especially us like when we observe very touching feelings and huge pleasure that the friend has returned.

Vinsyushka - our cheerful, kind, tender, artful, clever boy - dachshund, we all love you very much, very much!!!